We supply a very wide range of plumbing and sanitary ware items. The main categories include:

1.   Pipes and Fittings made of the following materials
1.1.               Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) This range includes low and high pressure water supply (hot & cold) as well and sewerage and rain water systems.
1.2.               Poly Propylene Random Co-Polymer (PP-R) mainly used for hot and cold water supply lines.
1.3.               Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with major applications in irrigation and landscaping.
1.4.               Low-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that some engineering consultants may prefer over PP-R.
1.5.               Copper – Brass both pressure and welding types and are very favorite for hot & cold water supply lines as well as general refrigeration use. You have an option of plastic coated or bare pipes.
1.6.               Galvanized Iron (GI) mainly used for firefighting systems in Dubai although they have other applications many places depending on the local standards.
1.7.               Steel pipes and fittings are usually not kept in our stocks as they are supplied as per a project requirements however, we are capable of supplying a large variety.

 2.   Taps and Mixers (A wide range available)
 3.   Shower and Bathroom sets (A wide range is available)
 4.   Electrical water heaters (Brands include Ariston and many others)
 5.   Cast Iron manhole covers (Only British Standard as per Dubai municipality approvals are kept in stock however, we accept custom-made orders as well)

Please forward us your requirements to receive a quotation at the earliest. We promise high quality goods at very competitive prices.